Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Legislating from the Bench!!!

Oh, for shame, for shame! There is no Law in Georgia to forbid this - or there wasn't until last year. I mean - according to the Neocons - anything the courts decide that isn't in BLACK AND WHITE in the "Goddamn Piece of Paper" is "legislating from the bench" if it doesn't agree with their narrow-minded world-view, right?

How many other states still don't have a law against this? How many other young Moslem girls will be subjected to this horror because of that religion's sick, twisted, demented view about women? How many more courts will have to "Legislate from the bench" before this is outlawed country-wide?

Thank goodness the Georgia court did the right thing. I suppose the Religious Right will be screaming about Legislating From The Bench, however.

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pissed off patricia said...

Any decision they don't like is legislated from the bench. I'm kind of sick of that phrase from them.