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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Twisting in the Winds of Fate

A friend is coming to visit later this month. All the way from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I'm so excited. Even if it does mean I need to do some serious housecleaning and minor repairs.

But then - maybe if he wasn't, I wouldn't do it - so fate hands me a great excuse!

I'm still having fits with this whole blood-sugar thing. How the bloody fardleschnocker can my farking blood sugar go UP - when I didn't eat any dinner last night because I fell asleep?

Nothing but water. No "new" additions to make blood sugar go up. Farking body.

It's dreary and rainy. And somebody stole my peony bush! I still can't get over that. It never had even flowered yet. It seems that the little thorny thistles are gone too. I wonder if the mexican landscapers stole it? JESUS???? Where is my Peony????

I found out what the little yellow flower thingys are. Coreopsis. "Tick seed". It sounds ghastly, but it's really rather pretty. I talked to the guy at the nursery and he said that they will spread a lot if I squish the seed pods and just drop the seeds on the ground. We'll see.

I think I may put some of them out in the front of the house too. They're just so darn cheerful and YELLOW.


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