Wednesday, September 13, 2006

G'Morning World Rainy Day

I really like rainy days. The lack of bright sunlight makes it easier to drive, and the world smells good. I wish we had mass transit around here so I could take a nap or read on the way to work. The Road Construction Season is still upon us. Illinois only has 2 seasons. Winter and Road Construction.

It occurred to me last night that someone who hasn't listened to me rant about the "Stay at home Mommy" rant before probably might could get the wrong idea from that last post.

I have nothing against the choice to stay home with your kids - but it's not the right choice for me. What I have a problem with is the Unemployed Mommys who treat us Employed Women as if we were some kind of lower species, because we didn't aspire to the "heights" of unemployment when we had our kids.

These would be the Mommies who schedule "Mothers Club" meetings at school at 1:00 in the afternoon. The ones who make arrangements for the children to give plays or have parties with "mommy" during standard business working hours. The ones who try to guilt-trip you for being responsible, independent and employed.

These would be the Mommies who volunteer for farking EVERYTHING, then cast aspersions on those of us who can't do so because we are EMPLOYED. I suppose it is their way of trying to feel as if they are important, when all they really are is a leech on their husband's paycheck.

I hated having to explain to my daughter that "Some mommies go to work, and some mommies don't" when she wanted me to go along on school field-trips. Yes, I damn well felt bad then - and still do now. I hated having to ask my Mom to go to the "Mother's Tea" for me, because I'd used up all my personal time off staying home with the child when she was legitimately sick.

But then - the "Stay At Home Homeschool Mommie Brigade" has to find validation in SOME way, now, don't they?

Perhaps this is a suburban phenomenon. I don't know. I do know that to this day I feel very defensive and get more than a little bit unpleasant when confronted by one of these "holier than thou, I stayed home with MY darling children" Mommies From Hell. Interestingly enough - most of them are Xtians.

There are plenty of reasons to stay home and not work. Just don't come flaunting it at me as if it were some badge of honor. The minute someone does that - they fall into one category with me: UNEMPLOYED.


niCk(Mem Beth) said...

Rainy Days are my favorite. 'I'm only happy when it rains"

Sewmouse said...

Welcome, Nick.

Rainy days come in 2 flavors for me - "quietly rainy" and "dismally rainy"

Today is a "quietly" one. But if I try to replace the Peony bush this weekend, I'm afraid I'll be shoveling mud. Uck.