Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm NOT a "Feminist"

Oh, some folks want to call me that. Or a "Femnazi". I know why. I'm NOT particularly "Sweet and submissive and delicate and understanding". I'm not willing to admit on any level that men are superior to women. I don't believe that "Stay at home mommy" is a job description - it's a choice. Just as "working mommy" is a choice.

Whoo boy - I can see it coming now - the "Stay-At-Home-Homeschool-Mommy-Brigade" is going to decend upon me with their feather dusters and TV guides at the ready to do battle... Before you get completely bent (too late?), remember what I just said - it is a CHOICE you made. You COULD have gone back and been employed - instead you chose to stay home and be unemployed. Just as I could have chosen to go on welfare and stay home with my child, but I chose to be independent and self-supporting. Everything is about choices.

But back to "feminism" accusations, my favorite quote is somewhat open to misinterpretation as well:

"Why would any intelligent, independent female choose to subject herself to the whims and tyrannies of a husband? I assure you, I have yet to meet a man as sensible as myself" Amelia Peabody Emerson

First time I read that paragraph, I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. I read it again, promptly memorized it, and it's been my personal slogan ever since. WHY SHOULD someone who can be independent shackle themselves to someone else? There's really only one reason - because you love someone and want to be with them.

And in the end - isn't it better to know that the person you are with is with you because they WANT to be with you, not because they're afraid of what will happen to them if they leave?

I've been reading some "Feminist" blogs - and I can see where some guys are coming from with their accusations of "Femnazi" - some of these wenches want to make decisions for all their "sisters". Rather than husbands, they think the other women should subjugate themselves to THEIR demands. Mustn't dress attractively! Must believe THUS. Must vote THUS. Dasn't agree to THIS. Seems as if they want their "sisters" to shed the slavery of marriage only to don the slavery of Feminism.


What I prefer to think is that I am a "humanist" - not in the philosophical religious sense, but in the sense of equality. I am an accountant. I don't believe that a man with the same educational background, doing the same job, to the same level of competency, for the same amount of years of seniority - should get ONE PENNY less than I do.

or more.


Frederick said...

"Mustn't dress attractively! Must believe THUS. Must vote THUS. Dasn't agree to THIS."

I think it should be "must vote."

Sewmouse said...

What's the matter, Fred?

Feeling threatened by women's sufferage?

You're only about 110 years too late, if so.

No said...

You hit upon my pet peeve. Admitting one is a feminist is about as popular as it is admitting one is a liberal...I'm a feminist, and I'm proud of it.