Friday, August 25, 2006


Or to be honest, not really a present, but it feels like one, so there. What actually is happening is that a friend of mine and I exchanged "work" - She had a quilt top she just couldn't seem to get "into" putting together, and I have this problem with small-scale crochet - but coveted this tablecloth for years.

Mind you, I love antimacassars and doilies and table-runners, but I simply cannot maintain an even thread-tension when using tiny hooks and crochet thread. (I do fine with bulky wool and anything over an "E" size hook)

So we swapped. She mailed me all the ickle bitty pieces of the quilt and directions on how to assemble, and I mailed her the instructions on how to make the tablecloth and a bit of money to buy the thread with. I finished the top and sent it back to her - and today she is going to mail me THIS!!:

Swoon, covet and admire to your heart's content - just do not DROOL on my beautiful new tablecloth!!

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