Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CLUNK - OWIE.... *sigh*

Ok, still in the process of moving into "acceptance". Without question I have bypassed the "bargaining with God" phase. That asshole NEVER keeps up his side of things.

But the rebellion is fading. In small steps, true, but fading. The chocolate cheesecake is gone, so that's no longer an issue. At lunch today - or maybe on the way home from work, I will get healthier food from the market.

I need to find the ADA diet - my nurse friend says it is a good thing and not "impossible" to follow. (Of course, medical professionals have been telling me for EONS that a 1500 calorie/day diet is not "impossible" to follow, so we shall take that with a tablespoon of ... umm.... CRAP - can't take it with salt (heart), can't take it with sugar (diabetes).... ok - we shall take it with a FUCKING PINT of sarcastic cynicism!!!) If naught else, it should give me some ideas of what is ok and what is not ok.

Insert the pointy thingy - twist off the protective cap - puncture thumb with pointy thingy. Squeeze out red thumb juice. Push button for testing tab. stick testing tab into red thumb juice. Wait for test thingy to give you number. Write down number. Throw away testing tab and pointy thingy. Meh.

So like... I need to call the Dadster and tell him about this. I'm not overwhelmingly looking forward to that. Then I need to figure out how soon I can haul arse down to Florida, stopping in Tennessee and (as demanded by Anonymous G/Friend from GRADE school... *grin*) in Georgia. At least doing it that way, I break up the 1200 mile one-way trip into more manageable chunks. I just wish someone would move Kentucky out of the way. It's bad ENOUGH that I have to drive through freaking INDIANA (the state that spawned Dan Quayle & the Moron Roscoe, and where they worship orange traffic cones).

Maybe October.

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Hike2Health said...

Diabetes sucks big time!

I started Atkins in 2002. I read the book and then did as much research as I could to see if it was unhealthy. I could find nothing that says restricting carbs is unhealthy. Of course, I fall off from time to time but I don't quite go back to all my old habits. I don't even miss fruit anymore.

If you would read more of Regina's blogs, Protein Power or Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's book Diabetes Solution, you might like what you read. You can eat butter! Doesn't do a thing to blood sugar. Of course, you can't have it on bread. But I love it on green beans.

If you have any questions about diabetes, the folks at the Dr. Bernstein Diabetes Forum are very friendly and helpful. You can also visit my blog. I've got my morning numbers 95-108 without medication. I hope to get them down further as I lose weight.

Please let me know if I can help.