Thursday, July 27, 2006

WWIII - Thank you, Tyrant Bush

I read the news today, Oh Boy...

Israel is fighting back - fighting back hard, and while the sentiment in my mind is "Yes - it's time to do something about those who are shelling and attacking your country" - Israel is not planning to do just that. It appears that Israel is looking for their own "Final Solution" - and have forgotten the 1930's and 1940's and how poorly that turned out for the aggressors.

And truthfully - this is all the Tyrant George Bush's fault. Had he not, from the FIRST DAYS of his regime, planned and schemed to destabilize the region by illegally, immorally and ill-advisedly invading Iraq, things would have remained "strained" but not escalated in this manner.

This is the beginning of WWIII - and I fear for the outcome. I fear for those who have loved ones living or vacationing in Lebanon - both Arab and Western. I fear for the Israeli people who are, like myself, powerless to stop a government gone mad.

I fear for the world - because the Tyrant George Bush's eyes are said to have lit up with glee when he learned how to unleash the power of the USA's nuclear arsenal.

I fear for the world - because this isn't about "terrorism" anymore, it's not about land-grabbing in the Middle East - it isn't about oil. Thanks to the Tyrant Bush and his cabalistic evil regime, this is now about Moslems everywhere HATING Americans, just because we are American. Just because we were born here. Regardless of anything else we have or have not done since birth. No matter that I did everything legal in my personal power to thwart the re-election of the Tyrant and his minions.

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.

Why don't I feel fine?


ZW said...

Final Solution? Are you out of your fucking liberal mind... well, that is a redundacy. Is Israel suppose to wait around for the UN to save them? The UN couldn't save themselves from 3 angry teenage ghetto kids. How dare you compare Israel to Facist Germany. When did the Jews attack the german populace in any way? What terrorist tactics did they use?

The whole point here is Hezzbollah are TERRORISTS hiding behind a CIVILIAN population then crying oh look what the Israeli's did! Where is the public outcry for them aimlessly shelling innocent civillains for the last 3 years? When is enough enough? Lie with dogs, wake up with fleas. I have yet to hear "demands" that Syria and Iran stop supplying these terrorists. They still send off there mindless rocket attacks every day. The liberal media doesn't think thats news, only when a well aimed attack against terrorists has fallout of civilian supporters, then thats an issue. Oh wait, thats GW's fault too. Rolls Eyes. I swear to god liberals make me sick to my stomach everytime they open their mouths. GW will not go down in the history books as the best president ever, far from it, but at least he can see appeasing terrorists is not a wise choice. Meanwhile, the UN will word yet another nasty letter to Iran while they continue to try and produce a nuclear device. Brilliant.

Sewmouse said...

And so while Lebanese Christians who have nothing to do with Hezbollah are being killed indiscriminately, we should all just turn our heads and look the other way?

Isn't that what everyone said was what allowed Hitler to get as powerful as he did? That good people did nothing?

IDF and Mossad have always in past been able to handle the quiet, surgical, strategic wet-work without resorting to indiscriminately bombing the hell out of everyone and everything in sight. GWB's encouragement of this behavior is not surprising, since he doesn't believe in quiet dipolmacy in the face of opposition (such as was the case in the Cold War) but prefers to brutally attack anyone who disagrees with him (Or threatens his Daddy).

Hezbollah is certainly a terrorist organization - but instead of working to help Lebanon rid themselves of the vermin, Bush prefers to egg on the Israeli's toward their own destruction.

The Tyrant George Bush and his regime will go down in history as the first presidency to attempt to destroy the entire United States and nullify it's Constitution to fit his personal power demands.

Goddamn piece of paper, Lou?

Zombie Woof said...

Rolls eyes... Yes Mouse, BUSH IS THE CAUSE OF ALL EVIL!!! OK, fine. He made Hezzaballah drop rockets on Israels since they left on their own years ago when LEBANON was suppose to set up an internal peace keeping force. the president of Lebanon is praising Hezzballah. I'd surgically strike his head from his shoulders.

Indiscriminate killings. You really buy that huh? ONLY ISRAELIS CAN KILL INDISCRIMINATLEY. Launching thousands and thousands of unaimed rockets randomly into a country is not indsicriminate killing. ONLY if a democratic country is trying protect itself, it must be willing to sacrifice a thousand military personell to get one known "insurgent". Here's a clue for you, IF Israel does not succeed in a rousing victory in destroying Hezballah, not a tie, not just hurting them, but a knock out victory, the face of terroism support in the Middle East will change forever. Try looking beyond the surface of events, not the onsie twosie fallout. 54 Arab nations got together yesterday and condemned Israel for its attacks on Lebanon. Meanwhile someone at the UN wants to offer Hezzballah a seat at the UN. You don't see whats wrong with this, and a lot of others don't either. Liberals are going to be in for one rude awakening. And for crying out loud your anti Bush tirade is bordering on pyschotic. He does
NOT control the Israeli Gov't (surprise!) He can't call Golda Mier up from the grave and have her tell the Knesset what to do.

What if someone came by your house every day and shot out your windows trying to kill you and when you called the police they just shrugged and said there is nothing we can do, and one day you got sick and tired of it and shot back with a shotgun, and all your neighbors condemned you for being to quick on the trigger? My response would be FUCK YOU, you want a piece of me, BRING IT ON!

And I wouldn't let world opinion hold me back, I'd hunt the mother fuckers down and kill them one by one until they knew, you don't shoot my windows at without paying a terrible price. And when the U.N. sent me the letter saying what a bad boy I am, I'd wipe my ass with it.