Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shell Gone? Bob Lives On. Why me?

So I go to get gas last night and the Shell station on the corner has Indiana Religious Icons (orange traffic cones) at all of the pumps - can't get gas at all. WTF? I was gonna get the gas, then get the car washed. I got gas this morning at the Marathon (7 cents/gallon cheaper) but this is worrisome. I will have to check more closely tonight.

Bob, in the meanwhile, lives on in my rearview mirror. This morning again there was yet another attempt at web-building going on, and again I thwarted it, and again he did a bit of bungee jumping. To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a bit bored and annoyed with Bob. However, since the Shell station was nonfunctional last nite, I didn't get the car washed yet, so I haven't been able to powerwash him into a new existance. Soon.

So I call to get my results from the Dr. office. "You have diabetes - go get more tests done".

Now I'm thirsty constantly (was only at night before). I feel lightheaded - I'm afraid to eat anything for fear I'll trigger some insulin event thingy. I'm really depressed and ready to just say FUCK IT ALL - between the heart crap and this and being unable to exercise and stuff. Why do I have to keep going on when going on sucks so much?


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