Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BOB LIVES!!!!!!!!

So this morning, I"m on my way in to work and I see something spinning in the wind-wake from my side rear-view mirror again - BOB!!

He tried to spin a web from the top of the window to the mirror and down to the doorframe, but the wind-wake tore most of it apart. After one episode of "bungee jumping" he learned - he crawled back into the mirror housing again.

When I got to work, I disconnected the web from the window and door. While this may seem cruel, I really have no desire to have a pet spider living in my outside door mirror. Sorry folks, I'm just heinous that way.

So sometime tonight I will stop at the gas station that has the carwash and have Bob power-washed out of the mirror housing. Hopefully he will survive and scurry out and spin a web somewhere at the carwash instead of on my car.

Viva Bob!!
Just... Viva somewhere other than my car. Kthksbye

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