Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahh, the first "real" holiday of the year. (Good Friday doesn't count because even though I get the day off of work, it's too damn cold to do anything fun)

Had a bbq - the 2nd of the season. Usually this would be the first, but Caputo's had this really great sale on top sirloin steaks about 3 weeks ago and I could NOT resist. The smell of charcoal lighter fluid on the breeze, watching the 2 ft. high flames lick toward the stupid wood fence, the heady aroma of sizzling beef... mmmmmmmmm

Too bad there wasn't sweet corn worth buying at the market yet. Soon, however... soon. Strawberries and cream make up for it, however. I just love the fresh and GOOD fruits and vegetables from now until fall. The imported stuff is just not as tasty.

So I learned how to start my grill better - seems I'm too impatient. This will come, no doubt, as a complete and utter SHOCK to anyone who knows me at all - considering what a patient and unhurried person I am. *cough*

"Soak them coals with fluid, then throw the match at 'em" said my neighbor, and so... I did... and so.... they burst into 3 ft. tall flames in the stiff breeze - looking for all the world as if they wanted to chow down on my fence. Being patient, I did NOT throw water on them, just watched so very warily - until the fire died down to some small flames flickering near the bottom.

"Ok, leave it sit now for about 20 minutes."


"Leave it sit. Go read you book or get more of them little pieces of cloth sewn together - but LEAVE IT SIT." Meekly I submitted and went inside - shuddering at the thought of the fire going out and being left with a lump of dusty-looking charcoal.

To my amazement, when I came back, the coals were dusty looking, but red and shining under the dust. The heat was just right - so on went the steak and off I went to hull strawberries and boil some beans.

Gosh that was yummy.

I may just do that again later this week.

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