Friday, June 03, 2005

Found Them

Ah, the joy - the bliss - the headaches are over.. I found the glasses.

Apparently in my zeal to clean and tidy everything in my house last week, I had put down my glasses on the bed, then worked on the baby quilt I'm producing and put that down on top of the glasses. When I went to take the project (baby quilt is in a large embroidery hoop to quilt it - it's too small for my frame), the glasses slipped off the bed and underneath.

So yesterday I was totally focused on finishing the baby quilt AND finding my glasses, and I dropped the thread spool, which decided to try and hide under the bed, and upon retreival, there were my glasses, sitting on the floor as if saying "Well, dummy! We've been here all along, what is YOUR problem?"


If I can ever figure how to put a picture in this thing, I'll post one when this current baby quilt is done. It's very pretty, and I kind of feel proud of how it turned out. It's a Mariner's Compass that is 20" across, then surrounded by rainbow colored pinwheels. Bright as can be, and the backing fabric is a zoo/jungle print in bright primary colors as well. I'm just very worried about quilting on this hoop thing. Even using my frame, sometimes things get crooked or small "tucks" - this hoop feels too loosey-goosey for my liking.

By tonight I should have more than 2/3 of the hand quilting done, however, and I hope to have the pinwheels WELL started by the end of this weekend.

I think I should go read on how things work now... *grin*

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