Friday, June 22, 2012

Mike Callton from Michigan (R-Nashville) Thinks Women are repulsive

Yes, the RepubliCONS in Michigan have decided that the very birth canal that GOD ALMIGHTY gave to women in order for them to produce LIFE ITSELF in the form of PRECIOUS BABIES - is so repulsive, it cannot be mentioned in mixed company - much less upon the floor of the Michigan legislature.

As they debate the issue of whether women should be forced to undergo an UNNECESSARY and potentially dangerous medical procedure in order to procure a TOTALLY LEGAL and possibly medically necessary abortion.

This would be a trans-hoohah... um... trans-c*nt.... um.... trans-pussy.... um.... trans-front-butt... umm.... trans-bearded-clam.... um..... oh to hell with it... TRANSVAGINAL ultrasound. You know, where they stick an ultrasound wand up inside the VAGINA????

Xtians are disgusting.
RepubliCONS are the most disgusting Xtians
Michigan RepubliCONS are so repulsive, they shouldn't be mentioned in mixed company.

Mike Callton should have been aborted.


BBC said...

Vagina seems like a dirty word to me, I prefer pussy.

BBC said...

Besides, pussy is an older word than vagina, I think snatch is somewhere in the middle.


BBC said...

And then there is beaver, but I think that is sort of a new word from the settlement of this country.

Ah fuck, now my head is starting to hurt.

Furtheron said...

Un-believable - are these people adults... oh no politicians so there is the answer there

Piston said...

I love vagina and I'm a xtian. Go figure. I like anal sex too.. that should qualify me for priesthood. I think the soon as we go back to being the United States of America, not the Unites States of Jesus or the United Welfare States of America

in other news...

BBC said...

What in the hell is an xtian?

Well, if they like anal sex I guess I really don't want to know.

BBC said...

Mike Callton should have been aborted.

I've always felt that way about my brother. But my mother was a fucking catholic.