Monday, July 02, 2012

Urp.... no!

It's been hotter than hot here lately, with high humidity. I agree with the DJ on the radio the other day - if I can find the idiot who invented the "heat index", I will thrash him to within an inch of his life!

So I'm on my way to work this AM - well, not to work per se, I had to drop the Little Blue Neon off at the car doctor, because his orangey engine idiot light came on and stayed on, and he was making kind of a funny squealy noise once in a while, so maybe I'll be lucky and it's just a loose belt, but even so, I have an emissions test thingy I have to do before I can get my license plates sticker this year so I want to make sure he will pass.

Can I run on a sentance or WHAT?

So anyhow, I"m on my way to work, and my tummy feels ucky. Then it felt more ucky. Uckier. Whatever. Then I was holding on to my tummy, driving with my right hand and having to shift too which is hard to do one-handed.

Then I felt like.... "oh shit... here it comes"... So I pulled off the road and into a parkinglot because barfing in a parkinglot seemed more civilized than puking in the road. This is not "drama", this is just how my mind works, deal with it.

Anyhow, I took off the seatbelt, leaned out the door... and felt better. Sat up - felt like puking again. so I just hung out the door for a while until all of the "sicky" feeling left, and then I was ok and drove to the car doctor and left the LBN there because those people are way the fuck cool people who know me (and the LBN) and will take care of my car even if I show up without an appointment!


BBC said...

It's hot there? Fuck, I wish it would get hot here, it's just damp and cool here.

A loose belt won't turn on a orange idiot light but maybe the problem isn't too serious.

Hope you and the car are better.

BBC said...

Well, maybe a loose belt will turn on an idiot light, like the charging system light, but not the check engine light.

My rig has a single serpentine belt that drives everything so if it goes out it's pretty obvious.

We don't have the emissions test thingy out here in the boondocks.

Piston said...

fuck dude, i live on a mountain in East Bum Fuck Maine and I still have to pass emissions.


BBC said...

It's not my fault if you live on a mountain in East Bum Fuck Maine, actually, I've ticked up to 69 years on this rock now and have never lived anywhere that required an emissions test.

The four years I lived in Utah I had to have a safety inspection every year, no big deal, I owned a parts house and am a master mechanic, but only in the bigger cities was emissions testing and a sticker required.

But I've been on this rock a few years so I know that in areas they are required that a fifty dollar bill slipped into the right hand will get you a pretty new sticker.

Welcome to Earth, third rock from the sun, fuck you. :-)

BBC said...

It of course is simply a rumor that I ripped the guts out of my catalytic converter when the honeycomb came apart and plugged up my tailpipe, never mind that I posted about it at the time, that may simply be fiction. LOL

Oh hell, I'm an outlaw, carry on.