Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Minor Annoyances

Or, First World Troubles

1) Speedway commercials. They are NOT "convenient stores" - they are GAS STATIONS. GAS STATIONS. PETROL STATIONS. GAS STATIONS. Stop calling them "Stores". They are GAS STATIONS. With a few chips and sodas.

2) Comcast. Ok, yes, I realize that the high winds knocked down power lines, the only entrance/egress from my subdivision was closed. Yes, there was a power failure in my condo. Yes, my microwave was flashing "RESET" when I finally got home at 7 bloody 45 last nite. So how come it takes you like EIGHT FREAKING HOURS to reset your DNS server so that we poor internet junkies can get our before-bedtime-fix?

3) Honking Asshats. Honk. Honk... and they're not Canadian Geese - they are asshats behind the wheel - generally behind the wheel of SUV's (Soccer-Mom-Mobiles). This morning the Asshat Of The Day was driving a grey Chevy SUV - and wearing a wife-beater t-shirt, smoking and honking and being a dick. Where the holy fuck are the cops when we need them?

OTOH - the baby's quilt top is almost finished. I have only 1 row of border to put on the outside and then it will be ready for the frame. Need to get Kal's done now ASAP!


BBC said...

What in the hell is a Speedway?

What in the hell is a Comcast?

For all my fucking bitching about things around here we really have very few honking asshats.

And when some fucking asshat does honk it's some fucking punk in a piece of shit car with a stereo system in it worth more than the car, or the fucking punk.

Well, I'm having a hell of a time figuring this fucking planet out.

BBC said...

But I know how to fix my fucking sewing machine. LOL

Piston said...

Mouse, real nerds don't use Comcast's shitty DNS. They use more reliable 3rd party DNS servers like Google or Level3.