Friday, March 02, 2012

Good News Week. Not-So-Good News Week

Not so good: Davy Jones died. *sigh*. One of my first adolescent crushes. He had such a beautiful smile. Short, though. Not entirely a game-breaker, but... short. I do feel very sad for his family, friends and all the rest of us fans. You left too soon, Davy. Rest in peace, Sir.

Good, verging on wonderful:

As you may have noticed if you've read any of my side-bar twitter twits, Andrew Breitbart is DEAD. He was 43 years old. Much younger than Davy. However, he didn't leave soon enough. His mother should have swallowed. Failing that, she should have aborted the abomination. <-yes, I went THERE.

Andrew Breitbart created false documents and "documentaries" in order to destroy the lives, livelihood and entire organization of people whom he disagreed with politically. RIH, Andy - ROT IN HELL. I hope Pat Robertson is butt-fucking him while wearing a razor-studded cock ring as you read this. It would be poetic.

I hope Andrew Breitbart's "lovely 4 children" DO read this. I think it is important for them to know what a vile, heinous and evil man they had as a father. I hope his wife realizes now what a horrible mistake she made in marrying him, and the children know that they are only proof he ejaculated 4 times too many. Spawn of the Devil is, in fact, Spawn of the Devil.

Now if only that disgusting little weasel, James O'Keefe, would follow this good example and drop dead too. It MIGHT just make up for 1/1000'th of the unhappy of losing Davy.


Sewmouse said...

ooooh - I just remembered - Andrew Breitbart's SOLO positive was that he supported LGBT folks. I wonder if Westboro Baptist knows....


BBC said...

Davy Jones wasn't on my radar, neither was Andrew Breitbart.

Oh well, whatever, at 68 I'm still steaming along just fine.