Thursday, March 29, 2012

I got my hoodie...

Been following this Treyvon Martin story rather closely.

For those of you who aren't conversant:

A young black man (17) was staying at his father's g/friend (fiance?)'s house. He went out to pick up a couple of items from a convenience store, wearing his hoodie sweatshirt. A package of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona iced tea. He began to walk back to the place he was staying, which happened to be in one of Florida's infamous "gated communities".

A self-appointed "Neighborhood Watchman", George Zimmerman - a white guy, allegedly "hispanic", called 911 claiming he was "acting suspiciously". The emergency operator asked if he was following the boy (because, really, 17 is still a boy) - and when Zimmerman responded in the affirmative, the operator told him "We don't need you to do that". I have HEARD this conversation.

Zimmerman then gives such fascinating information as "He's looking around"... "He's looking suspicious"... "These (punks? coons?... whatever, can't hear well) always get away" "He's reaching into his waistband"

The only thing we know for SURE happened next, is that a bunch of neighbors called because of SOMEONE screaming - and a gunshot. When police arrived, Treyvon is dead.
He is still "armed" with nothing more than a can of iced tea and a packet of candy.

George Zimmerman is not arrested. He is not charged. He is taken to the police station in handcuffs, but shortly afterward allowed to leave WITH HIS GUN.

Zimmerman has claimed immunity from prosecution due to Florida's ridiculous "Stand Your Ground" gun law. Apparently the NRA thinks it is JUST FINE that someone can follow unarmed people around, then shoot them dead in COLD BLOOD - just for "looking suspicious".

Zimmerman has since claimed that Treyvon "attacked him", broke his nose and pounded his head into the concrete sidewalk. Bullshit. I've seen the video of the cops bringing him into the station. The stationhouse video camera shows NO BLOOD, no bruises, NOTHING - and lest we forget, head wounds bleed like a motherfucker. Heck, my daughter got hit by a rock when she was small, it cut like a 1/8" wound into her scalp - her waist-length blonde hair was SOAKED with blood. Zimmerman had nothing on his light grey t-shirt.

Zimmerman's appologists have also tried to smear Treyvon. They've posted to the internet about his alleged problems from school. They have posted photos of OTHER young black men, claiming they are of Treyvon - and they have posted one photo of Treyvon which it appears he took of himself - wearing one of those gold-tooth-grill's.

Now, I've seen that photo of Treyvon and the gold teeth. He doesn't look "menacing" - he looks rather like most teenagers look when they are experimenting with makeup and fashion. I remember clearly my own teen years and trying out various different "looks" with makeup. This was back in the heavy-eyeliner, white lipstick years. I'm sure I looked as "menacing".

But the thing remains - doess experimenting with a gold "grill", or having some senior-year issues with school - or wearing a hoodie - or having bought tea and skittles - or walking while black - justify being shot down DEAD by some gun-toting, vigilante, cop-wannabe who had called in almost FIFTY 911 calls during the previous 2 months?

No. It does not.

George Zimmerman's friends say he hasn't been able to stop crying since. Good. I hope he cries forever. They say his life has been ruined. GOOD! Treyvon's life has been not just ruined, but taken from him for NO REASON, other than this Asshole who wanted to be Wyatt Erp. Rot in hell, George Zimmerman. I hear you're in hiding - GOOD. You don't deserve to be walking free.


BBC said...

It's an anal planet.

BBC said...

Wonder who the fruitcake @ 8:35 PM is.

Furtheron said...

Saw the story about the CA university shooting last night. Someone says to the BBC reporter "Why does this happen in our country?" My son looks at me and goes "Because you have no gun control"

that at the capital punishment issue being the two main reasons I decided to not move the USA when I was offered the chance. Lovely country what I've visited of it, lovely people pretty much unanimously in those I've met, but you need to re-evaluate some of this stuff to my way of thinking

BBC said...

"Because you have no gun control"

Just try to take our guns away from us and see what happens.

BBC said...

The English are like lemmings being led to the sea, when things go to hell they won't even be able to hunt for food.

They'll just be a bunch of spear chuckers, LOL.

Sewmouse said...

The anonymous asshat has had it's comment removed. If said asshat chooses to identify itself, and make some fucking SENSE when it posts a comment, it may perhaps be allowed to comment again.

If someone doesn't understand why I deleted it - read the fucking sidebar.

I'm so TOTALLY not in the mood to put up with bullshit tonite.

BBC said...

The times, they are getting interesting, yes?

BBC said...


Piston said...

All that hate is gonna burn you up. It's too bad actually.

You've gotten your wish anyhow. Zimmerman is prolly going to go to prison for the next couple decades. Even if he doesn't his life is effectively over because he's already been tried in the court of public opinion and found guilty. That's what it really is right? Mob rule? I know the AG is saying that they don't try people based on mob rule, but she's a liar. They are absolutely doing a round-about to satisfy the bloodthirsty. The press aligned and lied to paint him to look worse than he is. It's all rigged. And you played into it.

I don't know.. I find it hard to believe that he started the night out with the intention of killing some black kid. I think he had some delusions of grandeur about what he was and it got away from him. He does need to be punished for it. He fucked up. But they'll do more than that.

Hope you enjoy your form of Justice. Mob rule is awesome when they aren't coming after you.

ps. Stay out of my country, Furtheron. We prefer our guests not to be some pants-pissing fuckface. Even Billy shows more balls than that.