Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is what Conservative Republicans look like:

This is what listening to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter has done to the formerly marginally intelligent Republican Party. Yes, you read that right - someone killed the cat of a Democratic candidate's election worker - and then wrote "LIBERAL" on it, and left it on the front porch for the man's FIVE YEAR OLD SON to find.

Something tells me the culprit was a Good Christian. They usually are. Because Jesus was all about killing family pets and defacing the corpses, then leaving them for children to find. Jesus must be SO proud.

Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) was struck down by a massive stroke yesterday. He's in the hospital, receiving the very BEST of care, from the very BEST of doctors, who will be paid with the very BEST health insurance - because Senator Mark Kirk couldn't WAIT to vote against the health-care bill. Karma is a bitch, isn't she, Senator Mark Kirk?

Godwin's Law notwithstanding, Rick (I want to be President so I can control what YOU do in your own home when you are naked) Santorum has aligned himself with a "Conservative Christian" who has declared that all Democrats are like Nazi's. This on top of his assertion earlier that he doesn't want to make black people's lives better if it means giving them money...

Ricky asks "Please don't GOOGLE my last name... PLEASE"

Mitt No-Silver-spoon (we only do diamond-crusted PLATINUM in my house) Romney ... need we say more?


Furtheron said...

Crickey - how did he win a state! You know whilst we have some prize muppets as politicians every now and then I am actually glad we don't have other countries ones :-)

Tell me would it be possible for someone to stand for president in the USA and say "Actually I don't believe in God - at least not in the traditional Bible/Relgious way" ?

Funny we have a constitution.. well actually we don't but anyway... that ingrains the church in our state - the Queen is the head of the Church of England - defender of the faith - the Bishops still have a large presence in the House of Lords (our totally unelected 2nd chamber) however I still think an agnostic, even an out and out atheist would have as much chance at PM as any strict follower of a faith

BBC said...

I have no more use for liberals than I do conservatives but I don't kill their cats.

This political system is fucked, we don't get to vote for the right people for this country, and if we could they wouldn't make it to office because Americans don't want to do what is right.

In short, America has the government it deserves, fuck it, I'm going on a road trip.

Sewmouse said...

At the moment, American politics are pretty much dominated by 2 categories:

1) People with too much money and not enough brains or compassion


2) Right-wing "Conservative" Xtians who want to control everyone ELSE's life, but demand smaller government intrusion into THEIR lives.

So the answer is - No. It's pretty much a given that if you arent at least a lip-service Xtian, you have no chance at the Presidency.

BBC said...

You have to be stupid to want to be president of this country, I damn sure wouldn't apply for the job.