Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I can't live in Florida

So we went to this Bok Singing Tower yesterday. 60 miles drive to hear some yahoo play a carillon - for about 20 minutes. Then a swan tried to eat my shoe.

Damn swan.

Anyhow. I watched the entire way down there - there were like 40 grocery stores, endless tire outlets - and not one single book store.

This morning I went online to check. There isn't a Barnes and Noble within a 45 mile radius of here. That is just unacceptable. I can't concieve of living in a place where all they do is eat and never read.

The swans near my house never tried to eat my shoes, either.

Granted, right now the weather is damn near perfect. Not too humid, not dry, sunny most days and cool at nite and warm in the day - just like Springtime. There are flowers blooming, and grapefruits on the tree are big and round and yellow. There are tons of oranges, tangerines, &etc all over the place. It's lovely - but no bookstores, and in a few months it will be hot and humid and miserable and all the grapefruits will be gone.

And they still wont' have any bookstores.

I'm flying home tomorrow. Out of Springtime and into Winter again.


Croila said...

Gosh, I want to live in Florida too! We have an inch of snow now. It's rubbish :-(

COULD you relocate to Florida? Seriously?

Sewmouse said...

Seriously, if I had a job down there, I COULD - but I wouldn't be happy.

Despite the snow and cold, this is home, and I did miss it while I was down there. Missed the cat too, though, so maybe it wasn't all the location only.