Monday, February 22, 2010



Dinner with SPTLM and family was not all that bad. Mostly I kept my big mouth shut, complimented the food, talked with my pretty little niece and avoided any of the uncomfortable topics.

My brother and I have diametrically opposing views on most everything - primarily Politics and Religion. I was determined not to start a fight, but it was tense for me because I wasnt sure what would be said at me.

Fortunately, the two topics were avoided and thus although I was still tense, it went OK.

My dad brought his bottle of "Pisco" (sp?) - some Peruvian liquor - that required a degree in rocket science to assemble into a beverage - or experience as a bartender. Since SPTLM was a bartender, we brought all the "fixings" and had him make the drink. Disappointingly, it tasted almost exactly like a whisky sour, which does not require all the various and sundry ingredients, and doesn't also require sending off to Peru for the booze.

Which means that if I ever crave one of those drinks again, I can just make a whisky sour and be happy.

Yesterday we went to Church. I knew it was inevitable, so I brought a nice sweater and skirt along with me. Will probably get stuck going again on Wednesday nite (Mental note - Florida is nice in February, but do try to avoid LENT next time...)

The wind chimes are gently clanging as I sit out here on the screened patio. There is a cool breeze, lots of birdsong and a baby squirrel wandering around in the grass under the grapefruit tree, and a cardinal in the leafless deciduous bush next to it. Very nice morning.

I still feel a bit lazy for not having any handwork to do. I want to quilt every morning. This is probably a good sign for when I get home.

Dad wants us to "do something" while I am down here, so as soon as I finish this little post I am going to google some "central Florida activities" and find something to do so he feels hospitable.

I haven't put my jacket on ONCE since I've been down here.



janet said...

SPTLM? Wassat?

Four Dinners said...

awwwww!!!! No fair!!!!

No aggro? No arguments? No hitting each other around the head with the meat dish?


...;-) xx

Zac said...

Damn you Suri. You forced me to go make myself a whiskey sour. -_-
I hope it sn*ws when you get home.

Note for Janet: SPTLM = Saint Paul the Lutheran Minister = Sew's little brother

janet said...

Thanks Zac. (Who are you?) Can you tell I'm new here?

janet said...

By the way, is your name So or Sue?
Okey. I'll stop asking questions now, and just read.