Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Pardon the use of exclamation in title, but my car is not as enamored of me as it had been, so life is better.

Only a little over a week and a half until the end of the Nightmare Administration - assuming the rectal orifices actually DO leave. The Israeli/Gaza war has had me on tenterhooks, because I could just SEE it being a lead-in to some refusal to relinquish the office of the Presidency due to "Emergency"

Ratchet that Terrah Threat Meter back up to BRITE FIRE-ENGINE RED status and all that.

Had a long conversation with my Dad last nite. He's still afraid that "Obama is too much of a socialist". So I asked for particulars. No answer. So I asked him what he thought of "socialized Roadways" - you know, where tax dollars are used to build and maintain roads that everyone can use? He said we already HAVE that. Yeah - does that bother you? That everyone pays for something anyone can use? No.

How about our "socialized police force"? You know, we don't pay the police to come to our house if there is a robber or something - or firemen either. They are paid through our taxes, (and from writing frivolous traffic tickets), they aren't privatized, they are "socially" funded.

Or how about our "socialized" judiciary system? You know, the one where EVERYONE pays to have buildings and courtrooms and gavels and long black dresses for the publicly paid judges? True, there are filing fees and such for civil suits, but for criminal trials - and traffic court - they are paid through taxation, which makes them "socialized".

So where is the problem with having medical care - something that should be a basic human RIGHT, not just a luxury for the wealthy - being "socialized"? Where everyone who needs it can use it - like roads and highways? Where everyone has the right to use or not use at THEIR OWN discretion - like roads, highways, and public schools?

No answer.

I don't think he's going to even think about it. But I am.

And that is always dangerous.

12 days.

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Kulkuri said...

An interesting way to put it. I've met some Ditto-Heads who argue that everything should be privatized, toll roads, pay for your kids schooling, etc.... To those I always say that they can't afford to pay for all that themselves. As it is now we have Socialized Kapitalism, but the people get nada.