Thursday, January 08, 2009


It is COLD outside. And going to get colder, according to the weather guy. At least the one on WBBM-AM said so. He's the one who cracks me up because he has as much trouble saying "Meteorologist" as I have in saying/typing it. At least I can pronounce my own job title even if it doesn't pay as much as guessing whether it will rain or not.

I will have to start back to wearing my "layered look" for this year - my goofy fuzzy hat, a hoodie and my baseball jacket from work, leather gloves and a blue/white length of polar fleece as a scarf.

Ok, yeah, I kinda look like Charlie Brown with all that stuff on - but at least everything except for my derriere stays warm.

Been nutz/crazy at work. Lots to do and no time to do it because evryone and his illegitmate 4th cousin Bruce are calling for payment information because everyone is afraid because the news keeps telling us it's the end of the world and we're all going to die because the billionares are going broke.


Yeah, the economy suxxors, but I do have to say that I find it amusing that these uber-wealthy morons are losing their shirts. It is somehow comforting.

Who - me? A reverse-snob iconoclast??


Had to buy a new purse. Well - not 100% of truth, I had already BOUGHT said purse, but I finally had to retire "old blacky" - after around 5 years or more of faithful service. The D-ring holders that keep the strap on it finally died. Orthodox funeral rites were held this morning at the trash barrel. It is rather interesting to see what all I've been hauling around on my shoulder for no fathomable reason for the last 5 years.

11 days


Mr Farty said...

It's cold here too, but probably not as cold as you. About the economy - I heard some poor billionaire topped himself because he was down to his last million or something. And yet poor people struggle on for years. Go figure.

11 days - w00t!

rauf said...

Has the money come to you Sew ? where is it going ? it just can't disappear, it has gone somewhere.
i don't have it. i am broke Sew.

Julian Meteor said...

It's ALWAYS summer in my heart.