Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh it is dark...

It is "morning". It is dark. This is not morning, this is still "night". Morning has that "sun" thing.

Poor Poor Sarah Palin. Waaaaaaaahhhh - Mean old nasty old pookie old Newsweek put a "cheesecake" photo of her on their cover and WaaaaaahhhhSexistWaaaahhhhh. WHY is the media giving this attention whore any coverage? Seriously - she's not THAT good looking, she's getting saggy and baggy if you don't photo-retouch her pics. Why isn't she home, caring for her "Special Needs" kid?

I made some kind of beef/onion/barley stew thing yesterday. It tasted ok, except it needed salt. Rather a lot of salt. I am so accustomed to not adding salt to anything (cardiologist says "NO!!"), that it didn't occur to me.

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Four Dinners said...

add pepper instead. mmmmmmm...peppery things

Sarah Pallin? Yeurgh....

You mean she was ever good looking?