Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is Our Country Ready...

Someone asked me 2 years ago if I thought the U.S. was ready for a woman as President. Obviously they were referring to Secretary of State Clinton, but although I did not think that SHE was the right woman at the right time, I said I do think the US is ready. The fact that President Obama was elected clinches the deal for me.

Black men were given the right to vote before white women or black women, or red, yellow, purple or green women. It was made constitutionally illegal to discriminate against people because of their race or national origin - but it is still NOT constitutionally guaranteed that people born without penises have equal rights.

I think the US has come far enough to realize (for the most part) that plumbing isn't the defining criteria for judging a person's ability to manage a large organization, whether a corporation, a NFP organization or a government body.

Sure, there are some neanderthal outposts that still believe the "barefoot and pregnant" mythology, but the majority of civilized men have learned that judging someone based only on excretory equipment is counter-productive.

I didn't think Secretary Clinton was the right woman, however. She was a polarizing force - one either hated her or loved her, there was no middle ground. There were enough "conservative" folks who would otherwise have not voted, who would have come out in DROVES to vote - against her. Limbaugh and his fellow liars had already had a decade to assemble as much ammuntion against her as possible, and whether it was truth, semi-truth or downright Swiftboating, they would have suffocated her campaign in rumor, innuendo and lies until she could barely speak.

I still think this country is ready for a woman President. I do not think that it is Sarah Palin, however.

Now, I'm going to stop being nasty for just a moment, and be as honest as I can. Sarah, you aren't strong enough to handle the job. If a cheesecake photo of you on the cover of Newsweek can send you into a froth, then what will you do when the photos get UGLY? And they will, Sarah. Nobody is going to serve you up softball interviews if you try for the #1 spot. The going gets rougher, the accusations and rumors more unpleasant, and if you thought Katie Couric gave you a "gotcha" interview, you are going to be in over your pretty little false eyelashes in a Presidential debate.

And as much as you shout "sexism" - you're just proving you can't handle the heat. What will you do when you encounter a world leader from a country that you NEED to keep friendly, but a culture that considers women somewhat less than human? Will you cause a scene? An international incident? Start a war over them leering at your clevage?

How are you going to legitimately defend yourself against the "Quitter from Wasilla" accusations that WILL come at you if you run for President? Frankly, I don't personally care what your reasoning was, but if you don't have something very, VERY strong to use against that accusation, there are many, many people who will consider you likely to bail on the Presidency if the going gets tough.

There are much better females out there who would make excellent candidates. Women who didn't use their physical attributes to gain political power. Women with quick enough wits and women who are intelligent enough to think CIRCLES around the questions from a pretty little talking-head newsreader. Women who understand our Government, the way it works, the text and INTENT of the Constitution and the separations of powers.

Just for the record - I don't think Rep. Michele Bachmann (Loony-toons R, Minn) is Presidental fodder either.

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Four Dinners said...

If Caz says she's running for Prime Minister I will agree.

If Caz says she is running for USA President I will agree (I will be bemused but I will agree)

If Caz says she is running for European President (I have no idea what that's supposed to be but apparently it is happening soon) I will agree.

If Caz says she is running for God I will agree.

Women actually rule the world. Problem is few hubby's will publically admit it.

I'll rephrase.

If women ruled the world there would be no more war.

Cat fights maybe but no war.

I would vote for Caz every time.

Mainly 'cause she knows all about John Wayne Bobbit....;-)

rauf said...

i stand behind FOUR DINNERS. and say ye ye ye

i keep repeating all the time that the entire planet is run and managed by the female species, only us the stupid humans are male dominated.

why a country should be 'ready' for a woman leader ? Women are always better negotiators, very good in management and organising. A weapon is never an option. They are very creative and tactful.
There are some minor issues though. A woman president would make the life of Angelina Jolie miserable as she wouldn't like to see another beautiful woman living in the country peacefully.