Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eating Healthy

Or, Eating Healthily.

Either way, I realize I need to do more of this. As a result, I’m trying very hard to do more fresh cooking instead of prefab meals, and looking to fruits and veg instead of meat and cheese. Oh goddess, how I love cheese, however.

Part of me likes the idea of a raw, vegan diet. Or, at the least, a mostly vegetarian diet with a bit of cheese and eggs. Maybe a lot of cheese. And yogurt. Every time I read about this kind of eating regimen I start craving veg and fruits – especially salad fixin’s, mostly raw, and a good healthy salad will satisfy.

So with this in mind, I saw this bottle of stuff called “Superfood” in the produce section of the market and I thought it worth a try. All organic fruit juices, pureed fruit and selected veg and some pureed grain kind of stuffs. And something called “phytonutrients”. Not overly expensive, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first sip wasn’t too bad. I’m not a big apple-juice fan, and it was a bit more apple-juicy than I liked, but I was determined to try and get past that to see if I could enjoy the healthy green-ish life.

Um. No.

Maybe it is because this stuff is bottled. Maybe it is because of the oversaturation of stickysweet applejuice. Maybe it was the combination of veg/grains with fruit. Maybe phytonutrients taste yucky. I don’t know – all I can say is that I won’t be purchasing that again. It had a rather high “UCK” factor. I finished it, but….. no. not again. And it causes belches. Bleuch.

Now I wonder if maybe my vegetarian dreams are misguided and not workable. *le sigh*

I am currently simmering a pot of clam chowder in my crockpot at home. I’ve never made home-made chowder, so this is a big learning experience. I suspect it will also be like the Chinese Water Torture for Kili, as she is at home with the simmering clam soup. Maybe I will cool off a bit and give it to her as a treat.

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Four Dinners said...

Eating healthy...healthily????

Just eat curry....

Vegetable curry, chicken curry, beef curry....whatever.

Preferably with Pilau or Special Rice.

Add a Keema Naan or possibly a Stuffed Paratha with a Bombay Aloo and a Mushroon Bhajee as a side order.


rauf said...

oh deeah ! Eating, a simple routine, eating, how complicated we have made it Sew !

Have you ever seen any animal going out of shape ? except for over fed pets ?
Its simple, they eat only when they are hungry. That is the secret. Is that a secret ? No, everybody knows about it.

Other thing is, eat without a care, eat without guilt, its all in the head. The controls are up there.

Oh Four Dinners, you have to stay with me atleast for a week when you come to India with Caz and Jax. Sisters make terrific kheema paratha, And Biryani shaami kabaab

Sew, kheema is minced meat, Aloo is potato, kabaab is dried salted meat or beef, full fried or roasted, almost burnt

amanda said...

Ma, clam chowder is nasty..... Give it all to kili...... Just sayin....

Croila said...

I have no idea what "chowder" is but the fact it seems to be made from clams is enough to render it completely evil in my book! Clams = seafood = evil! ;-)