Monday, October 12, 2009

Been a long time

Been a very long time - since I spent hours and hours sitting at the quilting frame. Which explains quite adequately why the fish quilt has yet to be finished.

This weekend, however, I made a committment to myself to really stretch out and do a measurable quantity of quilting so I can get the Charming Young Man's quilt off the frame and into a box and off to Scotland so I can put the fish quilt back on, finish it up and then (hopefully) have Amanda's ready to go and Pirate's in the works.

So I did work harder at it, and I have calloused fingertips to prove it - and managed to get a goodly chunk done. I'm fair certain that given a bit of habit-forming, I should be able to complete a goodly chunk every day and have it finished sometime this decade.

Spent part of the time with The Lion King movie running in the background (set up my laptop on the ironing board and used it as a DVD player), a movie I for some reason remember as being longer and cuter than what played. I also started to watch the Blues Brothers twice, but never did manage to get to Aretha's song.


Four Dinners said...

How can you possibly not get to Aretha's song?????

Nobody can watch The Blues Brothers without watching it all.

Disgraceful behaviour!!! ;-)

rauf said...

i damaged my lapteetoptee DVD player by playing movies. Not me actually, my neighbour did. She used to borrow it, never knew she was watching movies. Pretty flimsy it is Sew.

Anonymous said...

We watched that when I came out to visit you. We also went around town looking for the places we saw in the movie. I LOVED it!