Thursday, September 03, 2009

I can no longer eat almonds. *sigh*

Bought a can of almonds (dry roasted, lightly salted) - and was enjoying a small handfull at lunch when CRUNCH... CRUNCH... CRUNCH!! but no owie.

But I certainly wasn't gonna keep chewing that really hard bit, so I spat it into my hand (nobody else around. I'm usually not quite that uncivilized) - and found a rather large piece of dental material.

Yes, I broke my tooth. *sigh*

It doesn't hurt, but I sure as hell am not going to be chewing almonds with it anytime soon. I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday evening. Again - no pain, no sensations at all - but you know how your tongue gets all excited and interested in the "something different" like a nosey puppy? grrrrrrr

Hate that bit.

I have gotten the camera to work. The colors aren't quite as screwy as I thought they'd be - still not "right" - but not as bad as I feared. I would love to post photos here, but I asked the Charming Young Man if he would rather see progress reports or have it be a surprise, and he wants to be surprised, so I'm taking the progress report photos anyhow and will post a Flickr slideshow when I have confirmation that he has, in fact, received the package. (which may be a bit yet - do not hold your breaths.)

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BBC said...

Toss them in a blender and grind them up and then just put them in your mouth and suck on them, with just six teeth left and hating my dentures that is what I do and the enjoyment is the same.

BTW, don't ever eat a lot of almonds that haven't been properly processed, as just eating them out in the wild, or you will get very sick, or dead.