Monday, August 31, 2009

The 2-day 4-day weekend

Or maybe that should be the 4-day 2-day weekend. I took some strange naps this weekend and ended up feeling as if I'd had 4 days off instead of just the two.

Which wouldn't be bad if I had actually DONE something more productive, but I'm still having motivational issues.

I did, however, piece the center of the "man quilt" - it looks like it will be fine, and I am well pleased that the size looks as if it will be perfect. It will certainly fit on the frame, which is a HUGE plus, as I think one of the things that got lost with GreenThing Mach1 was the hated hated hated quilting hoop.

I wish I had an extra 1500 bucks, as there is this AWESOME quilting frame that not only has 3-way feed and tension, but also has the ability to work either tiny baby quilts or huge King size ones. Alas, being "poor" has its drawbacks.

The cotton "machine-quilting" thread is working fine so far in the machine whilest doing the piecing, so that is a plus.

Ah well - the sun is coming up. I suppose I should be getting into the shower and getting ready for work.

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