Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy and Camera

So, Teddy Kennedy died this week. I find it hard to work up any tears or any other emotional response. Senator Kennedy wasn't someone who's career I chose to follow. I've heard comments both glowing and disparaging of him in the past days, and I suspect that both are probably based on some amount of truth.

Nobody is a saint, certainly not Edward Kennedy (or me!). However to remember a man solely for his actions as a terrified 20-something young man on ONE NIGHT in his life is just as unfair as choosing to look only at his Senate career and ignoring his drinking, womanizing and possibly supporting the IRA (not Individual Retirement Accounts...)

In the end, if my Christian upbringing was correct - there is only one Judge who can decide whether Teddy Kennedy's heart and soul were in the right place, and it ain't me, it ain't you, and it sure as fuck isn't Rush Limbaugh (much as Mr. Limbaugh seems to THINK he is Deity). I'm quite content to leave these matters in the hands of Deity and not stick my nose in.

The camera is officially dead. RIP camera. Actually, RIGarbagecan, as there is no response from it, even after replacing the batteries. New Digital Cameras are a bit pricey, and I'm not trusting the dubious folks on E-Bay, so I guess I'll wait for the Xmas super-sales.

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