Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday again

The days, they all kind of run together. The local market is having a price war with their competitor, and there have been some good prices on beef lately. I got 3 nice steaks for $7.88 and a lovely roast for $6.50. Met my co-worker C in the parkinglot and discussed it - which is funny, as she sits about 10 yards down the hall from me, but we usually don't lunch in the same places. This week we've gone the same place 3 days out of 4.

Tomorrow the boss is buying us pizza for lunch to celebrate co-worker R getting his college degree. Yay R!!!!

The nights are spent mostly working on my quilts or reading. Not playing much computer games, as my hands have been complaining the last week or so. When I play WoW, I use my left hand to work the arrow keys and my right hand to "mouse" - and the odd angle this puts on my wrist had been having the effect of numbing my last 2 fingers on my left hand - and finally became unpleasantly painful. So I'm taking a "rest break for my health" - although I will check in from time to time because us addicts are like that, ya know.

Meanwhile I am sleeping with my hand on a plushy teddy-bear to keep myself from grabbing the mattress and cramming my hand between the bedframe and the mattress in the night, which exacerbates the problem. Don't ask me why my subconscious hand likes to burrow between the mattress and the bedframe. I asked it and it just shook itself at me. The bear doesn't seem to mind.

I've been trying to take photos of the current quilt - but as the twitter tweeter twatter thing says over ---->> there ---->>, I was taking a photo and there was this ginormous POP and no photo and the camera won't power up. I will try changing batteries tonite, but I strongly suspect that my 10-year-old $70 camera has given up the ghost-image. *moment of silence*

So while I don't have a lovely photo of my current work - the fabric for the man's quilt I'm making when cut into strips looked like a batch of neckties hanging off the table - I did get the pieces for part of it cut and I laid them out on the quilt currently in the frame for a trial-run, and WHOOO BOY do I like how it will look.

This doesn't mean the recipient will love it, of course, but *I* am well pleased at how the colours mix and blend and how the pattern works. It's not overly bright, it's not overly dark - although it does have a very dark element to it. Since I RAN OUT OF PINK THREAD *rolls eyes at self*, I'm putting the brown/green/pink thing on hold for now and will work on this one as soon as I find a free bobbin for the machine.

I'm trying something a bit different this time. Going to use 100% cotton thread to put it together. I read somewhere that if you use cotton thread on cotton fabric, the seams are less likely to split along the thread-line, because polyester thread is stronger than cotton, and cuts the threads of the fabric.

I think it made more sense when I read it, because I think I suck at explaining things.

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