Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The world smells good

So I'm driving to work this morning and every few miles I get a whiff of a wonderful smell - freshly mown grass. It smells so fresh, so GREEN, so ALIVE. (Even though the part that is cut off now is in fact... dead.)

Yesterday there was a male cardinal strutting around on the picnic table outside the office window as if he owned the damn place. *smile* I think it is Spring.


BBC said...

I have a very large respect for their danger and always hide in my bathroom when they are whirling around.A closet would make more sense.

Sewmouse said...

Actually, the bathroom is the best place. The metal plumbing is harder for the tornado to rip up than just drywall and 2x4 studs.

Visionary said...

Speaking of closets... BBC.. when are you coming out of yours?