Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Many things

So first thing this morning I am awakened by a rather scarey sound - a helicopter flying low enough for me to hear the flub-flub-flub of the rotors - but then a coughing engine sound - then silence - then flub-flub-flub again, cough, silence... 5 or 6 times.

I kept waiting for the CRASH with fear - I really did NOT want a helicopter to crash in my yard. (911 - Hello, police? There is a helicopter in my front yard. I think you might want to come investigate...)It then stopped. No idea what it was all about. Traffic was a mess this morning, but no mention of wayward helicopters on the radio or internet news, so hopefully it was just noises and no problem.

Heh - that phone call would have probably woken up the dispatcher like the time I called because an SUV had overturned and crashed into a tree outside my parents' house in the middle of the night.

On my way to work there is a place that sells/rents/somethinglikethat heavy earth-moving equipment. Bulldozers and skiploaders and backhoes and fronthoes and stuff like that. BIG flashing mobile sign there this morning "RED TAG SALE".

Like.. HUH???

They have red-tag sales for earthmovers??? Since when??? WHO BUYS THEM??? "Yes, Jane, I brought home a surprise for you - a BULLDOZER!! Happy Mother's Day!!"

Supposed to get up to 70F today. This will be nice. I opened up the window a bit to give Lime Tree a little more light and air. He's doing very well, starting to fluff out a bit and not be quite so stringy looking.

Cats are still doing well. Mindi is having a bit more trouble with what I suspect is arthritis - but she keeps on plugging on, so we take it day by day. Should probably get her back to the vet again soon, perhaps as soon as money gets a little less strained.

Was an article in one of the "ladies magazines" - the ones with 20 diets in screaming letters on the front cover - and 20,000 recipies for cakes and pies and cookies inside - about diet benefits of lentils. I have not, to my knowledge, ever eaten a lentil. The pictures of them in the recipies in the magazine looked a lot like rabbit turds. I'm kind of leery of eating anything that looks like rabbit poo.

It's about time to do some wardrobe upgrades. Many of my shirts and sweaters have gone past their "use by" date - stained, worn, ripped, etc. I hate buying clothes. But I guess I'll have to bite the bullet some. 2 of my favorite sweaters and about 3 or 4 of my usual work shirts need replacing.

Ok - back to work.

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