Thursday, March 05, 2009

Coming Up for Air

Oi, I hate being sick. I really really hate it. Saps all my energy (what little I have anymore), and threatens to drown me in a sea of snot. Bleuch.

So now I'm better, and can type again. I was told that my "about me" bit wasn't reflective enough of me, so I slightly changed it. I may change it all. I dunno. Most of the time I have been feeling cranky and all. I KNOW I'm stubborn.

I've had the worst cold - and what has to have been the Flu, even tho I got a flu shot - but now the CDC is saying that our tamiflu shots didn't do anything for the type of flu that is going around this year - figures.

As I said to one guy - I've been dragging ass like a dog with hemmorhoids. Myabe I should BATHE in hand sanitizer.

So I see in the news today where Turd Blossom is going to testify to Congress.

Seriously, besides the standard "Over 35 years of age and a natural-born citizen", they need to add another qualification -

"Have you any intention of appointing or soliciting advisors to whom you have given nicknames like "Turd Blossom" or "Scooter"???"

If the answer to that one is yes - you aren't qualified!

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