Thursday, February 19, 2009

If you are breathing...


I've got issues. I used to have Problems. But they became politically incorrect. I think some self-help motivation guru back in the 80's decided we have no more Problems (which could be SOLVED) - instead we have "issues" which can be "addressed". No wonder the world is so fucked up with nobody solving any problems anymore.


"A" from the other side of the office came over to ask me if I had any "issues" with VendorX. I told him not today... So he gave me some information in case I had any "issues" with VendorX. At which point, I realized - I have "issues" with everybody. Everyone in the entire freaking world. Hell - if you are breathing, I got issues with it.

Ok, MAYBE, just MAYBE this is a BIT extreme. (The sound of howling laughter that you hear is probably coming from my daughter and Piston)

It's been a tough week with all the schmoozing I've been having to do to pacify the creditors and I'm just NOT the schmoozy type.

I'm so freaking tired of hearing about the economic meltdown, and the "issues" regarding it. I'm tired of getting lectured by collections people.

Maybe I should take up a new career path. I wonder if there's much call for professional Hermits out there. I should check


Piston said...

I could say it... but i won't.


The Preacherman said...

I will....I've got issues with issues.

They aren't friggin issues they're problems.

I have a problem with my boss cause she's a bitch and a half

I have a problem with the politicians cause they're all arseholes.

I do problems. I don't do issues.

Magazines do issues. Like issue 1008 of Playboy or some'at.

Issues are a problem.

So there.

Croila said...

"Issues"?! What a pile of pish. They're problems, as you so correctly point out. Why don't people today call a spade a spade? What is this newspeak $hit?

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time right now though. We have plenty of caves in the Highlands of Scotland you could come and live in and practise hermitry. Bit cold though ... Hope you wouldn't have an issue with that?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Have you tried singing as a form of therapy? I hear it did wonders for people during the Great Depression.

Amanda said...

Do you have a PROBLEM with your ISSUES? teehee!