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Friday, January 23, 2009


The neighbor guy came over last night and asked if I have mouse problems in the condo.


I looked very carefully this morning, did not see any mouse "by-products", so I think I'm probably ok. I suspect that they got into his house from the garage. He has direct access from his house to his garage. Not to mention my two semi-incontinent old-lady cats. I don't think I've got a problem.

At least I HOPE not.

Ok, it's been the first 3 days (short work-week) for President Obama.

He did not walk on water.
He did not leap any tall buildings in a single bound.


He signed an order to close Gitmo and other "Black Sites" within a year.
My grade? I'd like to see this happen faster. A-

He asked a judge to put the Gitmo military tribunals on hold pending review.
My grade? Since he went the LEGAL route and went through a judge instead of UNILATERALLY "decidering" ... A+

He put a freeze on White House salaries for employees making over $100,000/year.
My grade? A+

He reversed Shrub43's misbegotten policy of secrecy and erring on the side of noninformation and trying to find ways to DENY transparency to the public.
My grade? A+

Not bad for starters.

My car is ok. Had to have a couple of belts replaced, but it's running like a champ again. Not bad - $125 for the 2 belts, and according to my mechanic, the old ones were original equipment (They still said "Mopar" on them) - 9 years on belts is rather amazing. For a car company that doesn't get all that high of ratings, this Chrysler is one of the best cars I've ever owned.

(Stock photo - mine is dark blue, not purple)


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