Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Car Loves Me

I mean, it REALLY loves me.
It loves me so much it doesn't EVER want me to leave it.

So it has fardleschnockered up it's locking mechanism on the driver's side door.

At first, I could jiggle the handle and it would release me. No more.
Then I could use the tab toggle thingy that locks/unlocks ALL the doors in the car to unlock it - No more.

Sometimes the pushbutton on the remote-entry thing would work. Not now.

No - the only way I can guarantee I can get out of the car is to lower the window, take the key out of the ignition, use the key from the OUTSIDE to unlock the door, then put the key back in the ignition and put the window back up.

I tried to take the car to the dealer yesterday morning to get this fixed, but without an appointment they're all swamped to shit and can't get in - so it has to wait for Monday to get settled.

I suppose it is ok. I really should NOT be spending any money just now, (although likely this will cost me to the teeth) so I can just stay home for the long weekend and only have to deal with getting out of the car 3 more times before I take it to the dealer again on Monday to have them perform an automotive divorce (so it won't love me QUITE so much...)

19 days


rauf said...

oh No Sew, the door has to be fixed. priority.
Happy New year !
safe Driving.

Kulkuri said...

Make sure you get the old part, otherwise they'll just lube the power locking mechanism and give you a large bill.