Friday, November 07, 2008

On the Road Again

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I'm not all THAT excited about driving to Florida again, but such is what I am doing next week. Visiting Dad, who has been kvetching at me about waiting to come down for so long.

Oy, and indeed - vey.

I love seeing Dad - I am not so loving all the driving anymore. I'm old. But TSA is still being stupid about things like shoes and nail clippers and bottles of Terrahist Shampoo - so I'm gonna drive.

As long as the weather holds up, I'll be fine. Tired, but fine.

73 days


Honey said...

good music, flask of coffee, snacks and plenty of pitt stops in interesting places. That's how I did my nine week road trip with two toddlers in the back. Have to make it fun.. somehow!! If all else fails see how many purple cars you can spot and orange ones, you'd be suprised they do exist!
good luck x

Amanda said...

Tell Grandpa I said hi for me will ya? and give him my phone number too please.

Joliet Jake said...

you're jewish isn't it? have a good trip, I like to make stopovers in tiny villages but I don't suppose that's a good idea for a woman.