Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Voting Day

Yes, I did!

I got up in the dark, and made myself a cuppa tea, fed the cats, threw together my lunch, tossed out the tea as it had gotten cold and I wasn't in the mood, took my bloodsugar reading and ate my meds, then hit the trail.

Stopped at Star$$$ for a latte, since it was still 5dark30 a.m., then drove to the parkinglot of the local Lutheran church and sat in my car listening to the news on the radio and drinking the latte. About 10 to 6 a few folks started to get into a line, and I decided I wanted to be near the front of that line, so I joined in. I was 5th or 6th in the line.

A very nice young lady came up to us and introduced herself as being from "Election Watch" or something like that. She was going to help with any problems. Well, the first problem was that nobody inside seemed to have any idea what time it was. Poll opened 5 min. late, and the Election Watch gal was on that like white on rice, I tell you.

Except for the lady in her pajamas who was freezing her toes off, the rest of us were pretty much not too concerned.
So I got inside, and they had 4 people verifying registrations, each with a section of the alphabet - last names starting with A-E, F-J, etc. Amazingly, many of my fellow voters did not really know what their last name started with.
"What is the first initial of your last name?"
"And your last name is?"

I was the first person in the "A-E" line, and I helped the girl find my name, as she was apparently alphabetically challenged - and so I was the first one in my precinct to get a ballot.

I voted. I voted first.

I got a sticker similar to the one shown above - it is on my shirt as I type this.

I have now done all that I can do except one last thing:
I will watch the results tonite and pray - and sing:

76 more days till the Shrub goes home
76 days till Cheney leaves
They be followed by ROWS and ROWS of the flunkys hired by Rove
And the Regent College gradueeeees
76 more days till they kick Shrub out
And no matter who gets in it is true
That the country that used to be first in the universe
Is much worse off than under "42"

76 days

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