Monday, November 10, 2008

Live from Florida - It's Monday Afternoon!

Honestly, that line is SOooooo much better with New York and Saturday Nite...

Well, obviously I got here. Yay me. Drove ok, only one "iffy" moment, I started to get the white-line hypnosis thing and weaving a bit in the traffic. Pulled over at the first rest-stop and took a 1/2 hour break and was just fine afterwards. The days are gone gone gone gone when I used to be able to pull 1200 miles straight through, for sure, you betcha!

Comfort Inns get my recommendation. I am not getting any cash from them for this, but damn, they have nice rooms. The sheets in this one were even so nice and soft and cozy that I wanted to abscond with them (but they were the wrong size for my bed, so I left them.)

Even the stretch of 80/294 through Southern Chicago and eastern Indiana was a breeze. This area (known as the "Borman Expressway) is notorious for being continuously under construction and the place where I have honed my feelings about Indiana drivers. Quaylesque is my usual word for them (Sorry John!). But this last weekend they were actually behaving responsibly and not worshiping the large orange traffic cones. Perhaps it was the proximity to the Obama campaign? Or is this part of the change we need actually taking effect? (/snark)

So here I am, down in the land of sunshine and palms and orange trees, orange trees, orange trees everywhere. Daddy lives in a gated community near a small town in Central Florida, within driving distance of the mouse and the area of insanity surrounding the mouse's acreage, but the area is still pretty rural and "open" feeling. I have to hijack some of a neighbor's bandwidth to get online, (he has not wifi) but I can read the news and it is just a joy to spend a few days with him.

Even if he DOES insist on watching Faux News!!!

70 days


Joliet Jake said...

I've been there, I saw the mouse in 2000 and there was a huge fireworks thing for the millenium, then we went to St Petersburg, that was less exciting but still good.

Croila said...

You are NOT serious? You really used to be able to drive 1,200 miles without stopping?! OMG. 100 is my total limit without stopping!

Glad you've got down to see your dad though ... Sounds lovely down there. :-)