Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh TGIF and all that rot

The first week back after a week of frivolous vacationing is always the worst, I think.

Seems like Friday will never come, and when it finally does, it seems to go slower than a snail stuck in molasses in January.

And now I have a headache.


59 days


Rauf said...

snail stuck in molasses in january ??
stuck in jam in february any better for the snails ?
Somewhere i read recently that waiting was like hell for shakespeare. Not good if he was waiting sitting on a fryig pan.

seriously Sew, You are discussing relativity here. Einstein would have loved your snail.

i missed your election posts, i am reading them now

Croila said...

"Frivolous vacationing"? Brilliant!

Catmoves said...

Yeah, Sew, what's frivolous vacationing? I gather you might have been in Northern Canada during the week off?

Sewmouse said...

Oh no, Catmoves! The opposite - Went to Florida!

Catmoves said...