Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Argh. I really am getting too old to do this road-trip thing in only 2 days.

I can't show you a picture of the Manatees, because it was overcast and dreary and all my photos came out very poorly. The manatees live in warm swamps, and the water is dark and they are kind of a brownish grey - so probably wouldn't show up too well anyhow. This is a picture from the web:

Had dinner with Susan (yes, I did give her hugs from y'all) and got some incredible blueberry muffins at a place called "Mimi's Cafe" in Murfreesboro, TN (in case any of you wanna stop in for a blueberry muffin.)

The cats pretended not to know me when I got home, but then when I went to lay down they kept maowing and hurling themselves against the door. *chuckle* I guess I called their "we don't know you, go away you stranger" bluff.

Amanda - I showed Dad the pictures I took at your wedding, but I don't have your new number to give to him - please E-MAIL it to me (do NoT post in comments, PLEASE... ) and I'll get it right off to him. He can't stop saying what a beautiful lady you have turned out to be. Maybe you and Brad can get a portrait of the 2 of you to send to him?

It rained all the way thru Tennessee, Kinfucky, and Indiana on the way back home. Driving in rain is ok, but I need to get new wiper blades, the ones I have now squeek every time they go up the windshield. SQUEEK, thunk. SQUEEK, thunk.

Tomorrow is back-to-work. I dread the pile of stuff waiting for me!

64 days


grade school bud said...

Hey, I just checked in on you here (I manage every couple of weeks), and how come I didn't get a visit this trip missy? Well, I hope everything is well with your Dad, and from the little snippets I've seen in the comments, it sounds like Amanda is doing amazing!

Deirdre said...

Clean wipers with baby wipes or vinegar - lot cheaper than new ones!