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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We went today to someplace called "Homosassa Springs" and saw manatees. They have mermaid tails. They are, however, considerably larger than Disney mermaids - considerably larger, in fact, than what I had imagined they were like from the photos I had seen of them in National Geographic.

They're like.... Hippopotomus Mermaids. Ginormous suckers, they be. The tails are cool, though, they slap them around in the water and they make whirlpools that last a rather long time after the manatee has moved on.

We drove through my favorite Florida town (because the name is fun to say) - Okahumpka. Oh-Kah-HUMP-kah....

Just say it. It is fun to say. Just like Ypsilanti and Muskegon.

One more day here with dad, then I'm driving home starting Friday morning. Will have either lunch or dinner with Susan in Nashville, depending on when I get to Nashville. I've been so relaxed these last couple days have sped by like a Japanese commuter train.

68 days


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