Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mares eat oats, and does eat oats...

and little lambs eat ivy
a kid will eat ivy too
wouldn't you?
I suspect ivy would taste icky and green and unpleasant.
No, this post is not about the culinary habits of barnyard animals. This post is about Oats. Like the guy in the funny hat sells:

As I have been working toward lowering the cholesterol numbers, I've been eating a lot of oatmeal. And other oaty cereals like Cheerios:

I like oats, actually. I like them as porridge, as long as there is adequate add-ins to disguise the resemblence to wallpaper paste. I like them in granola. I like them in Kashi. I like them as Chex:

But what I really, really , really like them as is flakes. Oat Flakes. But lately I cannot find them anywhere at any of the markets I have in my area. Cornflakes, yes. Wheaties (ugh!) yes. Bran flakes - yes. But nary an oatflake to be found. I am verklempt.

131 days

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Croila said...

Best (and cheapest!) way to eat oats is the way we highlanders have done it for centuries:

Before you go to bed the night before, soak half a cupful of oatmeal in water and bung some salt in it.

The next morning, stir it about, pour some boiling water in it, then bring it all to the boil on the cooker, stirring furiously so you don't get any lumps in it.

Serve with milk, and sugar is optional.

Fill the empty pan up with water so it soaks all day when you're out at work. It's really hard to scrub otherwise.

So there you go! :-) Dead cheap, dead easy, dead helpful.