Friday, September 12, 2008


Ok, so Piston has asked a legitimate question:

"Assuming Obama/Biden take the election and you get you wish... with Obama's background in mind... what changes do you see happening over the next 4 years?"

I can't guarantee (of course) what changes I'll actually see - to do so would require me to have both telepathic and precognitive powers which (unfortunately) I do not possess, despite several ex-bosses and one ex-husband who seemed to expect me to be proficient in both.

These are the changes that I expect may happen:

1) Scale-down of offshore military actions. Both in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and no NEW preemptive warmongering. Best case: Complete withdrawl of US Armed Forces from Iraq, limited presence in Afghanistan, and capture of OBL.

2) Some repair to the economy (will take DECADES to un-do what Shrub-Boy and his minions have done in 8 years, but a start), more emphasis on repair and upgrading of "homeland" infrastructure, less emphasis on ruling the world, Pinkie. Best case: repair of own infrastructure putting to work more Americans, spending tax dollars on improving things HERE, rather than overseas, making life better both for those benefiting from the improvements and for those effecting the improvements.

3) Reinstatement of those taxes that Bush and the Republican congress cut to help their wealthy chums/family/contributors. Best Case: Lessening of the tax burden to families with LESS than 100k/year incomes - but I'm too cynical to believe this would happen.

4) Limitations placed on Executive Privilege, and backing away from the Unitary Executive debacle engendered by the Bush Junta. It happened after the Nixon years - it's not Mission Impossible. (Tom Cruise sucks, btw.)

5) Repeal of the aggregious "Acts" passed in the knee-jerk aftermath of 9/11/01, reining in the TSA so my dad can fly again without the ridiculous and INEFFECTIVE nonsense of taking off his shoes, INSISTANCE on FISA compliance for any wiretapping, and Renaming/Reworking the "Dept. of Homeland Security".

If even just these 5 things happened, I'd be satisfied with the job done by an Obama/Biden Presidency/VPresidency. Anything more would be gravy.

129 days


SpanishGoth said...

I expect to see the weird bits on You Tube - as for the rest, I don't give a flying fuck

David said...

Major investment in essential infrastructure... and shame on you for not being a pre-cog!

Rauf said...

As an outsider affected by the US polices, i feel one of the changes should be repairing the damage to the image of Americans in the outside world. And a promise 'we will mind our own business' which doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere.

piston said...

For Rauf...

No offense friend, but no American worth their salt gives two shits about their international image. Most Americans are more concern with the fact that their economy is getting its face kicked in than what our European brethren think of us.

For Sewmouse...

1) I'd like to see this too. It would concern me that Obama has flip-flopped on his position several times regarding his plans here. He seems to have settled on "Ending the war responsibly", which is kind of nebulous.

2) I'd love to see this. I have to admit, I don't either candidate succeeding here in 4-8 years due to the screwed up situation. Bush did screw things up. This war is quite literally bankrupting us. My conundrum is is do not wish to see government to expand which i can tell you will happen under Obama. It happened way too much with Bush.

3) I'm all for less taxes. I don't see the Dem's cutting all that much. Obama's windfall tax is a smoke and mirror ploy which will serve to make things worse. The thing to remember about corporations and taxes is that they don't ever pay them. That cost is always passed onto the consumer.

4) Another grand idea. I've not seen this as a major Obama stepping stone so I can't say whether or not it'll happen.

5) I'd like to see the Dept of Homeland Security removed outright. Remand those duties back to where they belong: The FBI. Everything regarding the Patriot act is synonymous with paving the road to hell.

We are not so different. Looking at track records and I don't see how the Dem candidate can achieve a fraction of these goals considering how little he has achieved in all of his years in public service. I guess it comes down to who can make the most of the above wants come true without unleashing a slew of additional issues upon us.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Sounds like a good list.

But I#d add :-

Put Bush/Cheney/etc up before the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague