Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eating for Dreams

I remember when I was small, one of the standard sit-com jokes was about someone eating something spicy or exotic and having bizarro dreams. I am here to dispel that myth - one does NOT need to eat anything spicy or exotic to have utterly bizarro dreams.

One of the guys here at work has a clock on his wall that is made from an electronic circuit board. It has no numbers, just hands, and lots of chips and stuff on it. It is unusual, and I like it. I do not, however, know why it featured prominently in one of my dreams Sun. nite - nor why for the love of all that is holy I would have dreamed that I was having simultaneous affairs with Gene Rayburn (of Match Game fame - long dead!) and Bill Saluga (The guy who did the "you can calls me Ray, you can call me Jay" schtick) and ended up (with the prominent clock) being outted to my former boss "T" from the place that sold interior improvements...

Or the one from last nite that started out with me somehow managing to sew the leg of my trousers into the seam of some piece of clothing I had been making, then hack it off while I was trimming the seam allowance, thereby adding 1/3 of a trouser leg into something that was supposed to look light and delicate on a little girl... and segueing into a replay of the tragic and gutwrenching breakup of myself and my very first-ever boyfriend from high school.

Last night for dinner I had niblet corn and a piece of salmon and root beer. Hardly exotic fare!

132 days

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