Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Meh. It's hot in this office. I have the fan blowing, but it's still uncomfortably warm. I am almost NEVER cold in my office/cubicle. I sit just on the other side of a cinder block wall from the manufacturing area - headers and rollers running most days full-out right on the other side of the wall, almost. Sometimes the banging gives me a headache.

I wonder - is all I ever do is to gripe about stuff? I don't like being like that. I really do appreciate so many things - my friends, my family, most of my books (That "Labyrinth" one turned out to be not so great), the pink tree outside the office window in front...

Someone in the neighborhood has a white tree, because this morning there were little white flower petals all over my windshield. It was rather blustery last night, so I suppose that's why. All that hot air blowing in from Senator Clinton's campaign in Indiana, I suppose... *SNARK*

Something ate my little jalapeno pepper plant before I could get it planted in the dirt. I am distraught!! I hope whatever hungry critter downed it gets indigestion!

As long as it wasn't a skunk.

So I see where Senator Clinton squeaked by in Indiana by 2% of the vote and is touting it as a huge victory and vindication of her campaign stragertys. *yawn* Darlin' - even the hard-core pundits have given you the hook signal. Do you REALLY need me to sing?

The media will, I'm sure, make a big deal about Mrs. Clinton's sex, yammering on about how the country apparently isn't ready for a woman President. I call bullshit. I think this country is more than ready for a female president - just not THAT female. Mrs. Clinton comes with too much baggage. BJ-gate (Why is every scandal now a "gate" since the Nixon hotel thing? Isn't that rather... um... stupid/cutsey??), Whitewater, all those people the e-mails claim she's had murdered... Not to mention already 16 years of Rush Limpbaugh stockpiling ammunition against her. She's not charismatic, she's not likeable. I wouldn't invite her over for dinner. We need someone who actually CAN relate to Middle Class and Disadvantaged Americans. We've seen what 8+ years of pandering to the upper 2% has gotten us.

Ok, enough politics, I'm beginning to feel an unwelcome surge of negative energy and adrenaline that I really don't need.

That is, by the way, the major reason I stopped blogging about politics. Anger management isn't easy, but deliberately working myself up because of political things that I can't do a damn thing about is and has affected my health - so I'm trying to catch myself before I get caught up in the negative energy surge.

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Clinton's BJ buddy said...

so if this nation is ready for a woman, tell me what woman would actually fit the job.

Sewmouse said...



I said the country is ready for a woman in the white house - not that there is any specific woman I have in mind. I don't think that if "the right" woman were to appear on the scene that the country would object just because of her sex - I think that barrier has been broken, just that nobody qualified has stepped up to the challenge.

Since there are millions of women in the USofA who are "Constitutionally Qualified" (Citizen, born in the country, over 35 years of age) to become President, and I do not personally know every single one of them (Nor, I suspect, do you), I wouldn't presume to indicate which of the millions of women might be ABLE to fit the job (although perhaps unwilling).