Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pardon me, Roy...

Ok, this shoe-buying thing is nifty and all that, but there is a serious down-side. The serious down-side is this - my feets and legs are not accustomed to walking balanced on the balls of feets and toes only, and so last nite was nasty in foot & leg land. Throbbing muscles, sore knees, and kinked-up toes. Certainly it will get better eventually, but as of last nite I was wondering if perhaps just living with the tendonitis wouldn't have been preferable.

As for the title - it's part of the punch line of a joke:

Roy Rodgers had just gotten a brand-new pair of boots, and decided to break them in by going out for a ride on Trigger. They rode across the pasture, over the fence, and up into the hills.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a ferocious mountain lion leaped out and tried to bite Roy's leg off. Instead of getting a mouth full of Roy, however, the lion got hold of his boot, which slid off as Trigger valiantly tried to save Roy.

Turning to run, Roy found the mountain lion again aiming for his leg and kicked out - losing his other boot in the process. The last sight Roy had of the beast, it was gnawing on one of the boots in frustration, watching him gallop away.

Angry at the loss of his new footwear, he grabbed his rifle and another pair of boots and hopped back on Trigger to take vengance on the animal. With a single shot, he brought down the fierce mountain lion. To prove he had rid the neighborhood of the menace, he draped the carcass across the back of Trigger and headed for home.

At the house, Dale Evans walked out onto the porch, and as he approached, she asked: "Pardon me, Roy - is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?"

Which is much funnier if you can SING the punch line...

Which you'd only get if you're a Glenn Miller fan....

279 days

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enigma4ever said...

Hey Sewmouse_
I am re-arranging my POSTS this am- I just wanted to know I loved your comment on YES WE CAN- but this am- after getting emails from all over ( and I mean all over- Down Under to UK to Indonesia)....I decided that it was more important to get the CONTACT ABC Info to top of the post- that can help Obama more...

( Foriegnors were horrified- said we have a Journalistically Dangerous Situation facing us in the General Election- I told them SEND YOUR reporters...)

Anyways- while the posts are being arranged - I just did not want to think your comment was deleted or shuffled- it will be back up in order sometime today..

thanks....enigma...( enigma4ever@earthlink.net)