Sunday, March 09, 2008

The weekend slowly seeps away

There's really never enough weekend in a weekend - even in a 3-day weekend, which this wasn't, but should be, but oh well, cry in my soup.

I didn't do anything of substance this weekend. And I don't give a rat's.
I'm going to have leftover tuna casserole for dinner - and I don't give a rat's.

I spent this weekend relaxing and reading and doing a lot of "me" things instead of chores, chores, chores - and I not only don't give a rat's, I'm fairly smug about it.

Of course this means work after work this week, but... meh.

Tomorrow I will take myself out for Amanda's birthday. I would take Amanda out too, but she is far, far away and it would be murder to try and commute it - Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

For Amanda - who wants photos of the cats - and for Croila, who wanted to see a picture of Kili with JUST HER HEAD under my stepstool, sleeping - Here you go:

Kili has, however, also on occasion lately hidden ALL of her under this same stepstool - see below:

Well, all of her except a smidge of tail, I guess. The lump in the foreground is Mindi, the Fat Kitty. They are litter-mates, and they have the most gorgeous blue eyes.
316 days


Catmoves said...

Our boss cat, Schotzy, loves curling up under the step stool (just like yours) but only when it's on the carpeting. In its normal place in the bthroom it only rates a shrug.

Anonymous said...

I am 12 posts behind! Last time I read anything here your ears were uneven.

Word verification is, believe it or not:
obese fyg (fuck you google)

BBC said...

Being retired is so nice, a week end is just another week end, all days are the week end.

Tuna casserole sounds great. I've been hankering for creamed tuna over biscuits.

*Wanders off to make some*

Amanda said...

Yikes! They're huge! I love the one of Mindi hiding from the world or at least her head hiding from the world underneath the step stool. I miss those fuzzy gals! Thanks for the birthday greetings, I love you too, and as soon as we close on our new house you can come visit. There will be more room, a guest bedroom.

Croila said...

oooh, they're lovely those cats! I'm so gutted I'm allergic to the things, it's not fair :-(

A weekend of doing absolutely nothing sounds great. It's too easy to feel guilty about doing sod all, so it's great to see someone indulging in "me things" and feeling great!