Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a Rather Nice Day

Hello again, everybody.

You know, some lifetimes you just can't "win". No sooner did I get over my cough/cold/sore throat/upper respiratory thingy, than I spasm'ed my back again scrubbing the commode in the bathroom. If it's not one thing, it's another. Getting old sucks.

Nothing major - just a nagging little backache. I'll survive - it's getting better already. Just one more annoyance. I need to stop thinking in terms of the annoyances and just "go with the flow" more, I think. One cannot, however, forgo cleaning the commode, so I'll have to get a long-handle scrub brush.

Kal got me going this weekend - going to the store for sourdough bread, to make toast Seems he went to a call and the hallway was filled with smoke. Turned out the guy with the problem's roommate had burnt toast to a crispy critter just before Kal and his partner arrived. J, who sits behind me at work, has a toaster in his cube, and I think it has several lifetimes worth of breadcrumbs at the bottom. Every time he uses it, the whole office smells of toast. Somehow I always seem to forget how much I really LOVE toast - until I smell it. Then I crave it for HOURS.

So this morning I had some lovely sourdough toast, and a vanilla latte, and the world was cold, but sunny, so everything was nice - and Senator Obama is doing well.

Nice days are boring, but I don't always want to sound whiney on here. I think I will stop off at the fabric store on the way home and try not to buy them out. Remember - she who dies with the most fabric... WINS!

343 days


Amanda said...

Whatcha gonna make with your fabric pieces ma? Speaking of fabric and the like, do you happen to have a pattern for a couch cover?? I need to make covers for my couches until I can get them reappolstered. Thought you might have one?

John Good said...

Go, Barack, go! =)

Oh yeah, and. . .TOAST rules!

BBC said...

I think I will make a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast. And start a crock pot of 15 bean soup.

And bake a cake. 41 degrees this am and mostly clear skies, looks like it will be a nice day.

I'll go to Peggy's and clean the moss off of her home. Staying active helps keep my back in shape, at least I like to think so.

Better favor yours for a bit though.

Anonymous said...

Amanda: Fabric here is so expensive that when I wanted to slipcover my couch I bought one which turned out to be much less expensive and time consuming than sewing one. However, if you like to sew that's a different story. You might find instructions on making a slipcover on-line.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sew. Did you send me your cold and backache? You can have them back anytime. I have a liking for toasted Extra Crispy English Muffins with real butter and grape jelly. You might not have English muffins down yonder.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Getting old sucks.
May I reword that just slightly:

"Getting old completely sucks!!" Baby that back!!