Friday, February 15, 2008

The Elmhurst Matterhorn

I really need to get my digital camera fixed. There is this mountain of sn*w in the parking lot of one of the few remaining Dominicks Food Markets here near where I work. Built by the titanic efforts of the plow guys, this is not just a sn*w pile, nor is it just a bit larger sn*w-hill - I believe I actually saw SKI LIFTS on this one... (/sarcasm)

The distressing bit about this particular mountain of white misery - is that they put it right at the intersection where 2 entrances (from perpendicular streets) converge. You cannot see either around or over it, making entry into the parking lot a crapshoot with regard to avoiding a collision.

(In honor of this new glacier-in-training, I am using as many poly-syllabic words as possible to emphasize the enormity of this gargantuan sn*wmountain.)

Moving on...

My ears are uneven. One of them is either larger or parked higher on my head than the other one. No wonder I've never gotten a decent haircut in my life... I discovered this tidbit this morning while staring at my glasses sitting on the desk next to me. The eyes part sit flush on the desk, one of the ear-hook-side-pieces-that-have-a-real-name-but-I-forget-it also sits flush on the desk - but the OTHER one (ehsptharnbIfi)hovers - HOVERS, I say!! - about 1/8 of an inch over the desktop.
As I am fair certain that the desktop is flat and level (pencils do not roll around all over it unless pushed), I can only surmise that one of my ears is off-kilter.

This amuses me.

Told you I'm easily amused!

Amanda - your slipcover pattern goes in the mail tomorrow, as I need to buy a large enough envelope for it tonight. (I thought I had one.. *sigh*) Would love to see a photo of the finished product!

Some disturbed young man shot up a classroom at NIU. This is getting ridiculous. If you can't cut it at school - DROP OUT, don't shoot up your classroom!!! Jeezzz.

339 days

(PS - Edit In - I just remembered the name for those things on your glasses "Temples". Weird name for ear thingys, IMNSHO)


BBC said...

I think everyones ears are a bit uneven. I have to twist my 'temples' to get them to sit right.

It seems to me that there are more shootings and other stupid things everyday, the world is just to stressed out.

I think I offered to send you my old digital camera, the offer is still good if you would like it. It's getting a bit old but it works fine.

47 degrees and still no snow here, stay warm.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Mine's the same way. Everybody's is to a degree, I think.

I used to think my head was crooked. As in a crescent shape when you looked directly at me. Obsessed over that for YEARS!

Rauf said...

what is the problem with the camera ? Now fixing is costlier than a new camera.
if you are going for a new one please get one which takes a SD card, they are cheap.

i don't know how my ears look like. i don't look in the mirror, i am straight out of a horror movie.

Croila said...

It's maybe dead obvious and I'm being thick for missing it, but why do you call it "sn*w" with an asterisk in the middle? I'm dying to know!

BBC said...

Croila, cuz it's like snow is a dirty word that you are not supposed to say.

Like fu*k.

Ah well, fuck it. :-)


Snow is dirty over here. It's called slush. It's full of crap and I love driving through it and covering a copper walking along the pavement in crap ;-)

Kvatch said...

My ears are uneven. One of them is either larger or parked higher on my head than the other one. No wonder I've never gotten a decent haircut in my life...

I've got the same problem, and it makes getting glasses fitted correctly a real pain-in-the-ass.