Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Years Resolutions and Tears

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet hedgehog

2) Eat more gummy bears

3) Travel to Russia

4) Study finger painting

5) Get in shape with capoeira

WTF is "Capoeira"??? Apparently some brazilian martial arts thingy, according to Google/Wiki. Yeah, right. Like my knees and back would allow that. And I hate to travel. However... finger painting, gummy bears and a hedgehog sound do-able. LOL


Patricia Schroeder - former Congresswoman from Colorado.
Been trying to remember that name for ages.

I bet almost nobody remembers her. In 1988 she ran for President - briefly. If I recall correctly, she also had a tearful breakdown, sobbing that she couldn't manage to run for President and also take care of the concerns of her district, as she quit the race.

Didn't work for her - won't work for Senator Clinton, methinks. The whole "emotional female" routine pretty much fucks things up for women in government - in fact it's been 20 years since one ran for President, thanks to Patty's little tantrum. I suppose it will be another 20 years now that Senator Clinton has done her crying female act. *sigh*

Interesting side-note:

I own the metal-frame trundle bed that Pat Schroeder's kids slept on when they visited Grandma. When I was preggers with Manda, I had been scouring the classified ads to find a used trundle bed. I loved the idea of being able to pull out an extra bed if Manda had a friend sleep over or if I needed to stay close when she was sick.

There was an ad in the paper for one, about a month before Manda was born - and we went to see it and pick it up. The people there had this great huge plate on display in the china cabinet that was US House of Representatives commemorative type deal. I asked about it and they said their daughter was in the Congress.... Only after I got home did I make the connection.

Still have the bed. In fact, it's in one of the quilt photos, I think - under the quilt, of course.

377 Days


visionary said...

That was gay

Anonymous said...

Margaret Thatcher never cried. The Queen never cries. No need for Hilary to cry either. That was a stupid move.


Thatcher didn't have to cry. She just let the coal mining communities do it for her.

Apparently I have to buy a pet pig. As I'm very partial to bacon butties this may not be a wise move.

BBC said...

It's 43 degrees and raining here. Beats the hell out of snow.

Rauf said...

Never heard of finger painting. Travel to Russia is fine. i don't understand the rest.

oh, i never made any resolutions, new year or any day. i learn as i go along, dragging myself in my case. i never had goals, no principles, discipline. i am not into doing well or not doing well. i just exist. One day i will not be there. i will not exist. Simple.

i am a Muslim. i have been a priest at times and conducted 'Namaaz' (prayers) Deeply religious.
My giving up my faith was slow and gradual. That was 40 years ago.
It was not a resolution, like from tomorrow i stop being a muslim or from tomorrow i stop believing in God. My faith slowly faded away.

Actually i should be thankful that my life has been uncomplicated and simple. i learnt that from the animals and birds. i spend a lot of time in tropical rain forests.
But my dream resolution is, from tomorrow i stop being a human.
We humans are a big joke of nature.

Catmoves said...

I've finally put up a post about Hillary and her crap. Wasn't going to, but Tim Russert had her on his show today and she riled me.
That'll teach her to upset people who can "remember when".
I no longer lie to myself. No more resolutions for this one. (Well, except maybe for "Eat more chocolate.)

Croila said...

You've still got the bed? Good grief. Now that would be REALLY strange if she ever saw this blog post, wouldn't it?